Creativity that works

Creative Media Agency

Digital branding has changed, SplashPixels is a creative agency ready to help businesses through this change.

At SplashPixels we believe that brand sells. Creating a strong, online brand to maximise ROI on all campaigns by building audiences to deliver your message.

Every business has excellent qualities which can be highlighted and communicated in a way to bring awareness to your products and services. We understand people will only trust what they believe is true. Our focus is to create engaging campaigns that deliver results.

Creativity is key in building these campaigns and a successful brand. To help us deliver the right message and tone of voice, we combine our skill-sets with information from current market research.

We work hard with all our clients to gain their trust and work with them, creating growth and success.

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Affordable Web Design

We have developed our own methods of creating websites that can deliver results beyond the expectations of our clients. This all start with an initial meeting where we gather information such as target markets and the long-term business goals.