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We are a friendly video production company that can maximise the potential of your videos and bring your business to life.

Our portfolio ranges from educational and instructional to commercial advertising to public events. So whatever you need – we are here to help.

SplashPixels – Cambridge video production company.


We created this video because we love the coffee. It has got us through those long edits and even longer nights.

The shoot was taken in a single afternoon in our kitchen. We incorporated some traditional elements such well as more adventurous shots.


We were asked to provide photographic and video coverage of the family fun day – and it WAS fun!. We filmed throughout the whole day – the location was great and the weather was fantastic.

This video covers a varity of elements such as interviews, speed-ramps and follow shots.


This video was shot on location at a local manufacturing plant. The brief was simple – “people need to know how this goes together”. We decided to stick with a single camera mounted above to keep it simple and cost effective. This one video quickly turned into a series of assembly videos for this client.


Working with Ouch! was great. We had a half day shoot with them while they were still working. The video is meant to show the tattoo studio and the artists that work there. Each segment covers a different artist and is blended together with b-roll of the studio.


Ecosure ask us to produce a video showing the assembly procedure of their IBC bund and cover – together with a voiceover explaining each step.