Google Adwords Management

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Grow your business today with Google AdWords. As a qualified Google Partner we offer professional Google AdWords account management.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC is more commonly referred to as Pay-per-click advertising. This form of digital advertising only costs you money when your ad is clicked. PPC allow you to determine how much you want to pay per click. Enabling you to better control your advertising budget.

Paid adverts are listed at the top and on the right hand side of the Google results page. Adverts can also be shown on the Google Display network including YouTube and Gmail.

Qualified Google Partner

As a qualified Google Partner we have demonstrated basic and advanced knowledge of Google Ads.

What we do?

1 Reseach

No campaign can begin without careful planning. We will arrange a meeting to discuss your targets and the best search terms/phrases best suited to your industry.

2 Launch

The next step is to compile all the information into the appropriate advertising platform. At this stage if you don’t already have an Adwords accounts we would create one for you.

3 Assessment

Once live, we assess your campaign(s) to make sure they are delivering the result and hitting the targets we discussed at our first meeting.

4 Continued Assessment

Over time your campaign(s) will gather important data which we can use to better optimise your adverts.

5 Review

When your campaign(s) comes to an end, we will meet again to review its overall performance.


How can we help you?

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