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Meta description tag

meta description tag

What is the meta description tag?

This tag is fundamental in providing search engines a summary of the web page. This information is then shown to a user in the SERP.

meta description tag

What does it look like?

<meta name=”description” content=”Description goes here”>

Writing a great description

A well-written description tag, using keywords and useful information, will improve your click-through rate. If you are selling products online, write a quick summary of the product you are selling.

While the description tag is no longer a ranking factor (according to Google), Google still highlights keywords that match the users search string in bold. This highlight attracts the eye and influences CTR.

keyword highlight in SERP description

The image above shows that the search string ”men’s shirts” has been highlight bold.

Why doesn’t show my description?

Despite you having written a description, Google may choose not to show your description and create one using the content of the page. This happens because Google feels the description provided doesn’t match the user’s query.

Unique descriptions

Just like the title tag, the description tag should be just as unique and never duplicated from another page.