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It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is - branding is important! Your brand is what will separate your from your competitors.

So what is branding?

The brand of any company lets customers/clients know what they can expect from your product or services.  It is a promise of quality and re-assurance of your product or services.

When people see or hear about your company, what impression do want them to have? – That is where branding comes in.

Define your brand

These questions will help you determine your brand’s promise to your customers/clients and help you define your brand.


A good logo is key to successful branding.

A good logo is key to successful branding
Your logo is the face of your brand and should communicate everything that your brand stands for. Its colour, style and type-face should project everything about your brand.

This is an important step in your branding process because your website, packaging, leaflets and other promotional materials will all be influenced by your logo.

However, a brand is more than just a logo – what about a Tagline?


A brand’s tagline (also referred to as a slogan, strapline or brand line) is a short sentence that delivers an inspirational message or something fun but most importantly memorable.

Here are some popular taglines.

So you’ve got a brand, you’ve got logo and tagline….now what? Strategy!

Brand strategy

This is a long-term plan to develop your brand and archive specific goals.

This is all about communication – how you’re going to communicate your brand and to who.


  • Define your brand.
  • Design a logo.  Or get one designed for you.
  • What is your message? Write down the message that your brand delivers about your product or services.
  • Write a tagline. Or get one written for you.
  • Deliver your brand’s promise. A success brand will constantly deliver on its promise. If you don’t customers will not return.

How can we help?

Over the years we have successfully help build brand awareness for many companies across the UK.

We have great working knowledge of building brands from scratch as well as re-brand product ranges.

Why not give us a call today free on 0800 246 5403 and we'll discuss your brand's requirements.




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